Hi all

Thank you for some great days at the first Srum.org Professional Agile Leadership course in Denmark (Scandinavia?).

PDF with Flipovers from the course: 07122018_PAL_WeOffices

PAL Maturity_Poster_PAL

Some points from the PAL-E Course

  • Do remember the responsibilities and how to deal with challenges for each Scrum Role and the leader (PO: WHAT, Dev Team: HOW, SM: WHO https://scrumguides.org/scrum-guide.html#team , Leader: Grow Agility).
  • Study the different levels in the Maturity canvas with different behaviours for each role.
  • And as an Agile Leader, you should help teams and the different Scrum roles grow and mature and they should be able to solve their own problems and make descisions.
  • When we talked about measurement, remember that Velocity is not a way to measure team performance and Story Points does not say anything about value. Lead time is the measure of time from idea to the customer have value from the solution. Value Stream mapping can be a way to visualize a process and identify waste and non value adding activities.

Related to the PAL I test, remember the Scrum Values, Empiricism you answer the questions as a leader/manager.