In May, June and August, I will do some experiments with a Meetup structure:

  1. Meetup Theme,
  2. Presentation in Pecha Kucha format
  3. Discussion using the Lean Coffee workshop technique

Bring your own favorite coffee/the/other (Baresso is located across the street).

End of day sessions: 15.00-16.30.

The vision is to engage the more experienced agile practitioners in Denmark.

Sign up on Meetup.com, limited seats.

The Themes currently planned:
  • May 11: Agile Transformation and the Challenges.
  • June 16: The Agile mindset for learning
  • August 25: Product Ownership a culture change

May2017: Pro Scrum w. Lean Coffee+

Thursday, May 11, 2017, 3:00 PM

Atrium, Tuborg Boulevard 12
Tuborg Boulevard 12, Hellerup Copenhagen, DK

6 Professionals Went

Theme: Agile Transformation and the challenges 1. Pecha Kucha flipover presentation (20x20) by Mads 2. Build Lean Coffee backlog 3. Vote and TalkNew community experiment to be tested in May and June.Bring your own coffee/the/other (Baresso is located across the street).Read more about this expirement here: https://madstroelshansen.com/meetup…

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