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I plan to schedule different webinars with interesting people.

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May 2020: Webinar with Gunther Verheyen

Gunther Verheyen

Engagement is the key

“At this virtual session for the Scrum Day Denmark events, Gunther Verheyen will share how “Engagement is the key.”
Gunther has given the topic of ‘performance’ in a world of Scrum quite some thought, to conclude that “Engagement is the key.” Given that employees who are engaged actually care a lot more (about team, customer and enterprise outcomes), engagement is the biggest untapped potential for organizations to create the most valuable outcomes. “Team Engagement” is the most ignored aspect of ‘value’, yet one where huge gains can be made to increase the ability to deliver value.

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Gunther is an independent Scrum Caretaker on a journey of humanizing the workplace with Scrum.”

May 12, 2020, 15-17 CET

2 hours

Gunther will together with Mads teach his first course in Denmark (Scrum.org Professional Scrum Master) on September 3-4, 2020. Read more here: https://MadsTroelsHansen.com/PSM


April 2020: Webinar with Jeff Gothelf

Jeff Gothelf Inspect and adapt your career: how to ensure you career stays as agile as your work

We are happy to host a webinar with Jeff Gothelf about his upcomming book:

In this fun and interactive presentation Jeff Gothelf will share content from his upcoming book, Forever Employable, where he applies the principles of continuous learning, improvement and agility to professional development and career growth. Jeff will share his experience building his own consulting practice as well as provide tools and techniques to help you think through how to ensure that no matter what changes in your world you’re always confident about the next professional step.

– Fun and interactive presentation by Jeff Gothelf
– Q&A

April 28 2020, 15-16.30 CET.

Learn more about Jeff her: https://jeffgothelf.com/

Jeff is also one of the creators of the new Scrum.org Professional Scrum with UX (PSU) course (https://madstroelshansen.com/PSU/).