In May, June and August, I will do some experiments with a Meetup structure:

  1. Meetup Theme,
  2. Presentation in Pecha Kucha format
  3. Discussion using the Lean Coffee workshop technique

Bring your own favorite coffee/the/other (Baresso is located across the street).

End of day sessions: 15.00-16.30.

The vision is to engage the more experienced agile practitioners in Denmark.

Sign up on Meetup.com, limited seats.

The Themes currently planned:
  • May 11: Agile Transformation and the Challenges.
  • June 16: The Agile mindset for learning
  • August 25: Product Ownership a culture change

May2017: Pro Scrum w. Lean Coffee+

Thursday, May 11, 2017, 3:00 PM

Atrium, Tuborg Boulevard 12
Tuborg Boulevard 12, Hellerup Copenhagen, DK

6 Professionals Went

Theme: Agile Transformation and the challenges 1. Pecha Kucha flipover presentation (20×20) by Mads 2. Build Lean Coffee backlog 3. Vote and TalkNew community experiment to be tested in May and June.Bring your own coffee/the/other (Baresso is located across the street).Read more about this expirement here: https://madstroelshansen.com/meetup…

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