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Lean-Agile Thinking I Mads Troels Hansen

I teach most of the Scrum.org courses and help organizations to achieve more Agility and unlock their true potential to get better results and greater employee happiness. I offer both open and private company courses in Scrum & Agile and offer Scrum training and certification in partnership with Scrum.org, the home of Scrum. All public courses can also be delivered as a private company course with rebate. I typical work with 2-3 organizations over a longer period and help teams, Scrum Masters, Product Owners and Agile leaders with changes and improvements.

Participants from PSF, PSM, PSM II, PSPO, PSK, PAL-E, PSU, PAC etc.

For Scrum Masters, Product Owners, Agile leaders and teammembers

Scrum.org courses, Agile courses and educations

Professional Scrum Foundations

Learn Scrum by doing Scrum as a Scrum team member, where you deliver a product in a series of Sprints, supported by focused teaching and learning.

Professional Scrum Master

Learn about Scrum theory, roles, events and artifacts supported by many different exercises, where individuals and groups work with many different scenarios and cases.

Professional Scrum Product Owner

Learn about the Product Owner role and how you maximize value of your products and systems through many different exercises and supporting activities.

Professional Scrum Master II

Advanced course for experienced Scrum Masters. Your will learn how to manage different challenges in you daily work and get a deeper understanding about Scrum.

Professional Agile Leadership

Learn on this hands-on workshop how managers and other leaders can support, guide and coach their Scrum teams to more maturity and better results.

Professional Scrum with Kanban

As an experienced Scrum practitioner, you will learn how to use Kanban practices to create more flow and transparency with Scrum, without changing Scrum.

Scaled Professional Scrum

For everyone involved in building products across multiple Scrum teams, you will learn how to enable Scaled Scrum with Nexus and use different practices.

Professional Scrum with UX

Learn about modern UX techniques and practices that enable Scrum teams to best work with customers and their feedback to deliver higher value.

Scrum-Agile Introduction

Introduction of Scrum and Agile for a team or department. How to start with Scrum and understand the principles and different Scrum elements. (1 day)

Professional Agile Coach (PAC)

The competences and techniques, that is needed to act as an Agile Coach or Scrum Master. You will get precise feedback on how and where to improve. (10 days, 5 modules)

Agile Leadership in Practice (ALIP)

Agile Leadership in Practice will give you the competences and the toolbox, that is needed to grow and flourish as an Agile Leader in a professional context. (5 days, 4 modules).

Certified LeSS Basics (CLB)

Learn how multiple teams use Scrum to create better products using LeSS and how leaders can reduce organizational complexity to create more value. (1 day)

Scrum Day DK

The Scrum Day Denmark conference is a free conference. The main sponsor is he company who sponsor location and catering. Read more about the next Scrum Day Denmark conference at Scrumday.dk 
Scrumday DK

Professional Scrum

With Professional Scrum you use and understand the full Scrum Framework, the underlying principles and values and have a constant focus on improving the technical craftsmanship. Read more at ProfessionalScrum.dk (in Danish).