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Learn principles, processes and practices to enable knowledge and understanding of the fundamentals.



Get focused knowledge related to your own context, organization, department or team.


Establish a rhythm with a structure to enable focus, motivation, change and results.

For at optimere værdi og forandring, har jeg optimeret og målrettet mine ydelser med Kurser, som skaber optimal læring og fælles sprog, Workshops der bringer det ind i egen kontekst og Mentor Coaching, som skaber de nødvendige rammer og fokus til at få lavet forandringer hos enkeltpersoner, teams og organisationen. For en afdeling eller på tværs af et firma kan Agility Path være den struktur, som accelererer forandringer og giver større resultater og EBM giver en current position, som forbedringer baseres på.

Agility Path & EBM

Agility Path offers a lightweight, adaptive and fact based change approach much like Scrum framework that will help your organization to become more agile. Not a one-size-fits-all, prefabricated, seemingly safe route to agility but a tailored approach incorporating only those proven practices that are valuable and applicable for your organization.

Your company is in stormy seas and you have a clear goal where to head (the sun). Your company is the oil tanker. Before you start on your journey you need to determine your current position. For this we use EBM and Workstream Mapping.

Once you have your position your can adjust your direction by applying practices out of the Practice Library. Also, those practices allow you to speed up over time.

The implementation of the practices is supported/enabled by the Enterprise Change Team.

The applied practices manifest in your product, which you then assess again using EBM. Those learning lead to the next practices.

If your ship is too large to turn, you can use Scrum Studio — small speed boats — to head into the new direction on its own

Read more about EBM at Scrum.org