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Professional Agile CoachProfessional Agile Coach

The Professional Agile Coach education will give you the competences and techniques, that is needed to perform as an Agile Coach or Scrum Master in a professional context. This is a natural next step after your Professional Scrum Master class.

The Professional Agile Coach education is currently only in Danish: Click on the Danish flag ūüá©ūüáį above to see the Danish description and scheduled dates.

To be an Agile Coach is a complicated role, that requires broad and deep knowledge and precise feedback on how and where to improve. This is the core in the Professional Agile Coach education. The education is based on decades of practical experience and a solid theoretical foundation from Professional Business Facilitering (IAF), Training from the Back of the Room!, Professional Coaching (ICF), NLP, Management 3.0 etc. The participants will be challenged during the entire education and each participant will achieve personal development to establish and refine a strong foundation as a Professional Agile Coach.


Each class will have maximum 12 participants. We plan to start PAC classes two times a year (Spring and Autumn).


The PAC education is designed around 5 modules:

Module 1 (3 days): The role of an Agile Coach, Agile Leadership, Professional Coaching
Your role as an Agile Coach will be framed and what it is expected a Professional Agile Coach can do. You learn how to lead change inside and around a team, how the brain is reacting on change and you begin on individual coaching.

  • Day¬†1: Objectives, the role as an Agile Coach
  • Day 2: Agile leadership, transformation, change
  • Day 3: Coaching, coaching models, individual¬†coaching

 After Module 1:

  • Groups are established to work with individual coaching towards module 2.
  • All participants have a Mentor, who will work with the participant on personal development during the education.

Module 2 (2 days): Professional Coaching
We are building on knowledge from module 1 with more coaching models and techniques and starting with team coaching in an agile context. 

  • Day 1: Coaching principles and techniques
  • Day 2: Coaching Agile Teams

After module 2:

  • Established groups to work with team coaching.
  • Individual written assignment (part 1) with focus on reflection and understanding of the different¬†topics.

Module 3 (2 days): Professional Facilitering
We create a solid foundation for facilitation in a Professional context. You will learn the primary models and techniques and will use coaching techniques, principles and elements from module 1 and 2. We also sets professional business facilitation in an agile context.

  • Day 1: Facilitation Models, Principles and Techniques
  • Day 2: Facilitation in an agile context

After Module 3:

  • Established groups to work with a practical facilitation assignment.
  • Professional Scrum Master II certificering (scrum.org),

 Module 4 (2 days): Professional Training
You will learn how to do brain supporting teaching and what techniques you can use in different situations. You will learn different models, principles and techniques and use them in practices. 

  • Day 1:¬†Training Models, Principles and Techniques,
  • Dag 2: Training in an agile context.

After Module 4:

  • Individual written assignment (part 2) with focus on reflection and understanding of the different¬†topics.
  • Established groups to work with practical certification assignment for Module 5.

Module 5 (1 day): Professional Agile Coach Certificering
Certifications- and celebration day. The last practical assignment to pass before you can be certified as Professional Agile Coach. 

  • Day 1: Practical certification based on case



The Professional Agile Coach education is for Scrum Masters and Agile Coaches. Development Team Members, leaders and Project Managers in transition.

Each participant must:

  • Have minimum 1 years of experience as Development Team Member, Scrum Master, Product Owner or¬†Agile Coach.
  • Have a Product Owner, Scrum Master or¬†Scrum Developer certification from¬†Scrum.org or¬†Scrum Alliance.
  • Pass¬†the preliminary interview about experience and understanding of Agile.


Criteria for certification

The requirements to be certified as Professional Agile Coach:

  • Active participation in all modules to support own and others learning.
  • Pass the individual written certification assignment part¬†1 + 2 (Module 2 and¬†Module 4).
  • Participation in the mandatory coaching sessions (Module 1).
  • Active use of Mentor Coaching during the education (Module 1).
  • Pass the practical facilitation assignment (Module 4).
  • Pass the finale certification assignment (Module 5).

Participants are offered to take the Professional Scrum Master II certification (after Module 3).

In addition to participation in all 5 modules, you must expect to use around 30-40 hours between the modules.

What do you get?

  • A solid education with all the knowledge you need to be certified Professional Agile Coach. A unique advantages for¬†every Agile Coach.
  • A¬†unique Professional Agile Coach ‚ÄĚmanual‚ÄĚ with description of all models and techniques used in the education.
  • Participation on the mentor program as both mentor and mentee.
  • Membership in a professional online network for certified¬†Professional Agile Coaches.
  • Participation in a yearly¬†Face2Face event for all certified Professional Agile Coaches.
  • Professional Scrum Master II certification
  • Accredited Professional Agile Coach and listed on professionalagilecoach.com


  • Price: 39.900 DKK, ex VAT (approx. 5400 EUR, ex VAT).


How does the company benefit from the Professional Agile Coach education?

The company gets an employee

  • Who master the skills expected for an Agile Coach and an experienced Scrum Master
  • Who lives and breaths agile and understand how to move the organization towards an agile mindset
  • Who is an¬†agile lighthouse in the company
  • Who can explain the benefit of agile on all levels in the company
  • Who can coach colleagues in a professional context
  • Who can trigger improvements to be done and not just something you talk about
  • Who can train other employees in different agile concepts
  • Who is certificeret Professional Scrum Master Level II, that shows a deeper knowledge about Scrum
As a Scrum Master, what's in it for me?

In principle, there is no difference between a Scrum Master and an Agile Coach, but in practice, the Agile Coach might work with more teams and the Scrum Master typical with one team. The competences for an Agile Coach is the same a good Scrum Master must have. So the Professional Agile Coach education can also bee seen as an advanced Scrum Master education including the Scrum Master Level II certification from Scrum.org, the certification level just below, you can apply as Professional Scrum Trainer.