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Professional Scrum with Kanban (PSK)


Professional Scrum with Kanban (PSK)

Read: What I learned from  Professional Scrum with Kanban (PSK) course from Scrum.org.

Event Venue Date
Professional Scrum with Kanban (PSK) - oct 2020 Lean-Agile Thinking, Hellerup
  • 29. October 2020 9:00
Professional Scrum with Kanban (PSK) - feb 2021 Lean-Agile Thinking, Hellerup
  • 24. February 2021 9:00
Professional Scrum with Kanban (PSK) - jun 2021 Lean-Agile Thinking, Hellerup
  • 3. June 2021 9:00


Professional Scrum with Kanban™ (PSK) is a 2-day course that teaches Scrum practitioners how to apply Kanban practices to their work. Through theory, case studies, and hands-on exercises, participants will understand the importance of transparency and flow as it pertains to the Scrum framework.

Scrum is the defacto standard for how Agile teams work.  Scrum exists only in its entirety and functions well as a container for other techniques and practices.  Scrum Teams keep improving how they work, based on what they learn by inspecting and adapting on an ongoing basis.

Read the new Kanban Guide for Scrum Teams


What You Will Learn

In this class, students will learn how Scrum Teams can introduce additional practices from Kanban while continuing the way they are already working today with Scrum, all without changing Scrum.

Scrum.org and our Professional Scrum Trainers have worked with Daniel Vacanti in the creation of this course.  In 2007 Daniel helped to develop the Kanban Method for knowledge work. He managed the world’s first project implementation of Kanban that year, and has been conducting Kanban training, coaching, and consulting ever since.

Course Objectives

  • Gain a clear understanding of how flow works within the context of Scrum
  • Be introduced to Kanban practices that Scrum Teams can adopt to help improve their effectiveness and efficiency
  • Understand how to effectively use the appropriate Kanban practices without changing Scrum
  • Learn a practical approach to improving transparency and visibility of work

Who Should Attend

The Professional Scrum with Kanban course is for anyone doing Scrum. It is particularly beneficial for those people within an organization who use Scrum to deliver products to market including Product Owners, Development Team Members and Scrum Masters.


Attendees make the most of the class if they:

  1. First of all, take a look at the new Kanban Guide for Scrum Teams from scrum.org
  2. Try the new Scrum with Kanban Open test from Scrum.org (Free)

Course Topics

  • Dispelling Common Myths
  • Understanding Professional Scrum
  • Kanban Theory, Principles and Practices
  • Kanban in Practice
  • Scrum with Kanban

Professional Scrum with Kanban Certification

All participants completing the Professional Scrum with Kanban course will receive a password to attempt the Professional Scrum with Kanban I (PSK I) assessment. This assessment is only available to students of the class currently. If you attempt the PSK I assessment within 14 days and do not score at least 85%, you will be granted a 2nd attempt at no additional cost.

Trainer: Mads Troels Hansen

Trainer: Mads Troels Hansen

Professional Scrum Trainer & Agile Coach

Mads is a certified Professional Scrum Trainer (PST) with Scrum.org and is one of the most experienced people in Denmark implementing and working with Scrum, Kanban and Agile practices. Mads has more than 20 years of experience working with Agile from many Danish and international companies and as Head of Development/CTO he has implemented Scrum in many different companies with departments in Denmark, Eastern Europe and Asia. He has more than 15 years of practical experience in leading teams and departments to be more Agile and create more results with more motivated employees.

Mads is certified Professional Scrum Trainer (PST) ved Scrum.org, Certified Facilitator, Certified Coach and "Training from the Back of the Room" Certified Trainer. He is using techniques and principles from "Training from the Back of the Room" in all his courses and workshops to maximize value for the participants.

More about Mads on LinkedIn or Scrum.org


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Certified NLP Coach
Certified Business Facilitator
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Certified SAFe Agilist


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